Retail Hell Underground: Target Attempts To Photoshop a Thigh Gap On a Junior's Swimsuit Model and Has Disastrous Results

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I had a 'thigh gap' in high school & was belittled & ridiculed for it. Now people want it.


there's nothing wrong with having a thigh gap or wanting one, what's wrong is trying to get one by developing an eating disorder - but there are plenty of women who strive to get slimmer legs without doing that (anyone remember thigh masters)

There's also a book on how to get a thigh gap "the healthy way" -, so I don't think we should bad mouth thigh gaps or credit them for eating disorders as this article alludes to. That's giving empty space too much credit


Even with wanting one, the problem is that unless you have a specific build, most people's bodies just don't do that.

I'm a slim, active young woman. I still don't have one of those. I'm also at the point where losing 5 points makes me sick from being underweight, and where my legs are in pretty good shape from walking and running all the time. For a lot of people's body shape (mine included) there just is no healthy way to get a thigh gap.

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