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Devil's Advocate

No offense, but you could have handled all of the situations better. 1. If your being bullied b/c of a handicap at work you need to document document document--talk. 2. If the situation you talked about: you reacted correctly except for the swear words--and without the swear words you probably wouldn't have been fired. 3. When you were fired, you should have remained calmed, gone home written down exactly what happened and gone over your managers' head.

It's not fair to be bullied or treated badly b/c you have a disability, but in the same note you still have to act in a rational manner

Nice Kat

+100000 to Devil's Advocate. If you are legitimately bullied from your handicap then yes, you by all means have the right to stand up for yourself. However, standing up for yourself does -not- mean being a self-righteous bitch.

Just because you have a disability does not mean you get the right to act like a twat monster.


A simple "Help! Help! This man is trying to hurt me!" would have sufficed, and probably would not have gotten you fired. Instead, you yelled and swore as if you were some animal foaming at the mouth, showing your supervisor that you cannot keep your cool and might have an anger management issue. Sorry, I would have fired you too. Your employer firing you had nothing to do with your disability, but your actions.

Sachimi Sushi

Agreed with all of these guys. You were out of line too.


I was with you right up until you swore at him.
Now mind you, custy or not, anyone tries to attack you, you defend yourself. But yeah you essentially handed him your job when you blew up at him.

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