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Well, if you really aren't the type to call out ever I would definitely take that into consideration. I tended to be more lenient when employees had a good history. However that aside, I would have gone to a doctor after missing more than 2 days in a row. Thats actually a rule I started at my last job: If an employee called out 3 work days in a row (or had an excessive amount of sick days in a short time span) I would require a doctors note for them to return to work.

Chubby McSteamy

I was threatened with a write up three jobs ago for getting a very bad case of infectious pink eye. Even with the doctor's note they said "put a patch on it and get in here". However, it was so swollen I couldn't get a patch on and had to put drops in every hour. I told my supervisor "Would YOU want somebody with infectious pink eye handling YOUR food?" She tried to give me a write up, I refused to sign it, and the store manager was on my side and threw out the write up.

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