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California Slim

H'mmm. Remind me to move to Belfast. What is it about the USA that causes customers to lose all sense of manners?


The fact that a child can sue their parents for child abuse is about the only thing that comes to mind...

Dad made sure I grew up okay. Not exactly sure that was the right thing to do because I definitely stand out in a crowd, and I'm certain I've nearly given many 30-year-olds a heart attack (I'm 22 and I can, and will, say Please and Thank You, without a cell-phone in my hands). Am I glad to be different? Not really. I have always hated being the center of attention, so suddenly having a lot fixed on me because I was polite...

Only time I don't mind the attention is in a restaurant, and I kinda made that bed myself... You don't go to a place regularly and 50% tip the bill unless you want reasonable service. And that's one thing that will never change from me. Not even if they raise the wages of wait-staff, I will still tip on the high side of the scale because when I have a minor moment of prosperity, I feel it's my duty to do the honorable thing and spread the wealth, even if it is only a small fraction of it.

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