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California Slim

Go report it to as high up in Corporate as you can, and document everything. Bypass the incompetent local management. And after documenting, destroy the alleged evidence BitchSwitch is trying to set up so she can't carry out her plan.

Bored at the Bookstore

Pictures of the "evidence", dated and timed. The usual 3D's.

After all, you're not paranoid if someone's really out to get you - and it sounds as if she is. She's collecting a nice little pile of incriminating pics/notes to use against you. Either she's plotting an office coup, or she thinks YOU'RE out to get her, and the stuff in the locker is her backup.

Son of Thrognar

3D's all the way, also noting that your manager refuses to do anything (and anyone else who refuses to take action). Like California Slim says, since she's dumb enough to stockpile all her "evidence" in an unlocked locker, it's her fault if all her "evidence" suddenly goes missing.

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