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California Slim

How can you freakin' not have ID on you? Mine goes with me in my wallet every time I step out the front door.


I used to get that a lot at the store I worked at. It seems to be common among people who aren't very bright and/or criminals. Lots of people get stopped who don't have a driver's license, and then when they get identified, surprise! They have half a dozen warrants. They apparently think that if they don't have their driver's license (as required by law, if you're driving) that the cop will just give up because there's no other way to find out who they are...


@California Slim Where I work, it's not uncommon for people to forget id or even their freaking wallets. Which makes our closing time even more interesting.


How do you forget your wallet? Where are you putting it where you can't remember to take it with you?

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