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California Slim

I agree 100%. I've often felt like there were a few more fries in my container when i used to frequent the same fast-food joint. I was a regular and a nice one, and it seemed the staff would do me small favors unasked.


Same here. I was going to the same Freckle-Chick's 3-5 days a week at about the same time on the way to work, and it got to the point where they recognized me by my car's headlights... I'd pull up to the shoutiebox and they'd say 'Hi Tyger, come on up.' before I even said anything. The manager gave me a few free meals too, without my asking, and my fries runneth over.

The Singing Library Clerk

Well, I don't think I've ever gotten anything special human food wise. But I've had PetsMart managers give me their discount while buying dog food when I bring my dog with me. She's a former puppy mill breeder dog and when they hear her story they will go to the cash register without asking and give me their discount.

Gamer Girl

Yup, I'm way more inclined to throw in a discount or give you something free if you treat me like a person and not just another slave. For instance if you're buying multiple plush and you're kind of awesome, I'll give you a small discount or if you're buying a lot of games I'll let you grab a sale dvd on us. But if you act like a crusty, nope nope nope.

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