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Late Night Geek

If anyone misses up to thirty shifts in a six month period, the case should be reviewed on a person by person basis. I can give people credit on snow days. Assuming these people work five days a week, missig five days a month is too much for me.

I would love to call come and work with you. Two of the idiots they put on third shift have not shown up for their shifts without warning. Any calls would be met with voice mail or wrong/ disconnected number. One gal has done it at least four times and she still has not been canned yet. She has missed one paycheck since she didn't bother coming in.

California Slim

An occasional shift missed is one thing, but 30 in 6 months? Yeah, you should be fired for that.


People who have successfully spawned think that that gives them carte blanche. They can do whatever they want because of the children. So yeah, especially after multiple warnings, sucks to be them.


30 in six months is just a tad excessive. After a while you can't use the "I'm a family man" excuse any more.

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