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California Slim

They shouldn't have refunded the money to begin with. The customer wrote down $200.00, they should have to pay it. And demanding the waitress pay it back is insanity.


Those zeros don't look the same to me at all. Looks like someone wrote in 200 and someone else added .00. I am going with the customer on this one.


Did you not read the story, Mortok?

"He said, 'that's his handwriting. That's his signature.'" The customer is not claiming (and other articles make plain the customer has never claimed) that the receipt was altered. The customer really wrote down $200.00--he just didn't mean to, and wanted a refund for his mistake.

Still think you are going with the customer?


I think his only other option is to say someone added the numbers after he signed. He is probably guessing that this will earn him less ill-will and he will be more likely to not have a small mistake cost him $200.
I think the waitress should give the money back too. I would hate for a small mistake I made cost me that much money.


Well had the drunk fucker totaled and signed on the right spot then this whole thing wouldn't have happened. I think he should have to pay the $200 for thinking $2 on a $26 bill is acceptable.


You have to be kidding me Texas.. The penalty for tipping poorly is 190ish.. Would you expect to be treated the same way if you made a mistake? Are customer so far beneath you that mistakes and being cheap are to be penalized so harshly.

Can anyone explain to me why his mistake deserves such harsh treatment?


Because he's the dumb fuck who wrote $200.00 on the damn line. I don't go into a business that I dropped $80 worth of $20 bills and demand the manager to repay me. I write it off. Oops, my bad, manage my money better next time. If I'm writing in a tip line, I make sure that I know exactly how much I'm going to tip and I write it in.

Maybe he should've taken his nose out of his cell phone and looked at what chicken scratch he wrote down on the paper before saying "Yeah, that's my tip."

Next time, he'll pay attention to avoid another $198 mistake.

Ever heard the old saying "You can give a man a fish, and he'll have a meal for the night, but if you teach the man to fish, he'll have a meal for life."?

This is life teaching him to fish. Most specifically, how to pay attention. Some people don't get this kind of 'gentle' approach from life and instead get in car accidents.

Stephanie Stevens

The customer did get his money back. The restaurant give it to him, and now they're trying to get it out of the waitress.

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