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Ingenious use of resources. Looks like someone wanted a motorbike, but realized a full size Crown Victoria has the storage space they need.

Upon realizing how much weight they could possibly fit in the car, between 3 people comfortably (and legally) and a trunk I know for a bloody fact can handle a half-ton of sand if you're willing to ignore manufacturer 'limits' and wear your suspension out faster, our enterprising engineer decided that the usual front-wheel-of-a-bike and engine from the bike couldn't pull it around.

But the Crown Victoria, well, it has a beautiful 400 cubic inch (at least the one I dealt with had it, might be bigger now) V8 engine. Why not use this engine and transmission to continue doing the job of propelling the vehicle.

Would I drive it? No. I wouldn't be caught dead in that contraption, but I can see some logic to it. Guy wants a motorcycle, his significant other says "We've got two kids, we can't trade in the car for a bike" and so he cuts the car in half, makes it a trike, and gets the worst of both worlds, but his way.

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