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California Slim

To avoid this scam some places near me are *only* taking payment by card.

Bored at the Bookstore

So, was the twenty found in the audit? Bet not, 'cause it was a scam. You're right, who would risk their job for a lousy twenty? No one with half a brain, at least.

Thank goodness our register is so darned noisy when it opens - I can't put anything in the drawer without full *ding, ker-chunk, CLONK!" sound effects. And I never, ever hit "cash tend" until the money is out lying on the counter between us. In fact that cash doesn't even go into the drawer until change is made and counted over to the custy. My aunt, bless her soul, taught me that one when I was ten and she worked at the Kresge's ribbon counter (yes, an entire counter for ribbon - she had to make fancy bows on demand, too, for free).


Yeah, that's why I wait until I have the final amount in my hand and quote it back to them before I tender it. I've had one too many short changers and scam artists try to pull a fast one on me thinking that I'm not paying attention. You were right to call a supervisor - make them wait for the audit and see if they try to pull that crap on you again.

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