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That kind of job placement switcheroo is usually used to keep the slot open for the idiot nephew of somebody in management. I'd say try for it as you have literally nothing to lose, and the little bastard might just get hit by a truck putting you at the top of the list.


I personally wouldn't take the position. I think pulling a move like that is crappy. I had this very thing happen to me.

I applied at a chain pizza place once for an assistant manager position. I don't have any direct experience as a manager, but I figured I'd try since the posting stated that they would give you all the necessary training. I figured, "Hey, I learn fast and I've never run across any job that was beyond my skills, so I'll give it a shot." Well, I ended up getting a voicemail from some guy from the company about my application. He said he was calling about me applying for a delivery driver position and wanting to set up an interview. I thought, "WHAT! I didn't apply for that!" I mean, don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about being a delivery driver. I just didn't want to be one. I didn't want the wear-and-tear on my car I had just bought. I felt the least the guy could have done was mention the fact that I had applied for a different position but felt I wasn't qualified for it, but if I was interested, he would consider hiring me for this other position. Instead, he acted like the driver position is the one I applied for. I just deleted the voicemail and never called him back. Not worth my time.

Also, if anyone is thinking, "Hmm, never seen her before." Yes, I'm new. I've read RHU for a while, but haven't commented before.

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