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Bored at the Bookstore

Last time *I* saw a piggy sampler at work, he was skinny as a rail - and so was his shrew of a lady companion. Please don't characterize all greedy people as "large" and "overweight". Some of us big, beautiful women are polite, and IF we take a sample, we take ONE. In fact, I have been pushed aside by thin/normal size locusts!

Sorry, but the two most-recent posts on this subject seem to have been intent on describing the greedy-guts grabbers as "large". Not all fat people are rude, pushy, grabby, hogs. Nor are all thin people. We're all just people.

/lecture mode.


As a guy who weighs 250 pounds, I agree with Bored at the Bookstore. Painting us large-folk with the same brush is much the same as painting all who have the same skin color, or gender, as the common stereotypes.

I mean, let's see here. All teenagers are lazy thieves, blondes are stupid, women can't drive, I could go on, but it's not necessary, because none of those things are purely true. Sure, some teenagers are lazy, and some steal, but not all. Some people live up to the blonde jokes, and yet I know some who are very smart and not clumsy. I don't think anyone can drive well anymore, given the age of the cellphone, but I'm sure someone can manage it.

In the end, saying that the only ones who stand there and eat the entire sample platter are the ones on the large side of the scale only serves to make you look bad.

If you really need a reason to stop making fun of fat people, think of it this way: Imagine that when you wake up tomorrow, the world will accept "heavy" as the new normal, and you'll be made fun of simply because you're thin.

I know, it's old-school and childish, but the big thing behind it is this: Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Preston Johnson

Jackasses come in all sizes, shapes and colors. I've never noticed that the people of size were particularly more or less rude about food samples or any other product then the other customers in the store.


This post is not accusing large people unlike the other one, which I think is being missed here. I am fat, not worried about being fat at all, but I do find people who pick out a single type of person to target very blinkered.

I tend to avoid the free samples mainly because of people like the writer of the previous post judging me for daring to try something they are wanting people to sample. I've never stuffed myself and I've never seen anyone do it, maybe it's because I'm in the UK so people are slightly more reserved though I'm sure it happens.

I'm not an extreme PC champion, we're human and we can't help making unconscious judgements but we don't have to act like idiots.

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