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Preston Johnson

Greedy beggars! If you're that hungry, get your arse to a restaurant and order a meal.


Uh uh, Preston, no.

They're so cheap they're stealing from the sample trays. These are the assholes who will either rack up a $100 bill and either dine-and-dash, or they'll leave a $1 tip.

Preston Johnson

Then they should find the nearest fast-food joint, Madrias.


You said 'restaurant', not 'fast food place'. There is, to some degree, a difference.

If they're that hungry, they need to buy their own ingredients and make their own meal, rather than wasting everyone's time either to give a shitty tip or not pay, or try to haggle down the price of that burger off the Dollar Menu.


But, but that would require them to not be dicks! You can't be serious!

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