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Bored at the Bookstore

Oh, yes, I see this alllll the time. And 99% of our customers live in this state, AKA Taxachusetts, and should be well-accustomed to the concept of a 6.25% sales tax. Yet, I still get, "Wait, why is it so much? You SAID the book was $4!!!!"

I usually say, "Sorry, the Governor wants his share - if I don't collect it, they'll throw me in jail." Actually had to explain to one woman that, no, I couldn't and wouldn't just pay it myself out of my own pocket.


Ah well, that's what our two-day tax-free weekend is for in August, right? If everyone bought everything then, they wouldn't have to complain about it. :-P (Obviously being totally sarcastic here... 'cause who makes enough money to buy everything at once? Oh wait - people who shouldn't have to worry about that extra 6.25%. :-P )


Basic math skills is not always a customer's best friend. And that is scary beyond all reason.

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