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California Slim

Someone who eats fish, but not meat, is a pescetarian.

From the dictionary:

"Pescetarianism is a dietary choice in which a person, known as a pescetarian, eats any combination of vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans and fish or invertebrate seafood, but will not eat mammals or birds. Some animal products like eggs and dairy may or may not be part of a pescetarian diet plan."

Imitation Bacon

A friend of mine is actually allergic to chicken, and has to be careful when getting soup because sometimes the vegetable soup is made with chicken stock, yet 9-times out of 10, the waitstaff don't know if it's chicken stock and can't find out, or they say it isn't and it turns out to be chicken when she has a reaction after a few bites. As for the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle; whatever makes them happy just, please know what the heck you're ordering! I'm a meat-a-saurous myself; my saying is 'my food eats the vegetables so I don't have to!'

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