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California Slim

OK, so if someone thinks you're a nice person and wants to engage you in conversation without appearing like they're trying to get you in bed with them, how should they go about doing that?


With great skill and determination. I have never understood hitting on the barstaff. They have that happen all day long why would you think that they'd want to hear it from you?


california slim-
there's a big difference between exchanging pleasantries, and the terrible way some dirty old men talk.

my parents own a billiard hall bar in my hometown, and a lot of the regulars were around the entire time i was growing up. it's one thing to remind me that you've known me since i was 'this tall', or talk to me about my visible tattoos or my time away at college. it's another thing entirely to comment on ANYTHING ELSE regarding my physical appearance, such as 'filling out nicely'.



Jeebus. Please tell me no one did that to you...

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