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What the little entitled bitch doesn't get is that texting disrupts the rest of us who are trying to enjoy our movie.

Your bright flashing light and giggling cause your boyfriend texted you something dirty distracts us from being able to enjoy the movie we paid to see, too.

Plus, most movie theaters I know of tell you to turn off your phones during previews. Maybe you should find your seat before they actually play the movie next time? But more likely than not, you were busy getting that popcorn and soda and snacks, and trying to flirt with everyone in your little group of friends.

Who, by the way, are laughing behind your back cause you got busted.


Ahh, disruptive customers. Always so much fun. It does make me glad that I was done working in a theatre before cell phones became so danged ever-present.

Heck, I would've loved working at an Alamo so we could serve alcohol, rather than having to deal with those people smuggling their booze in. It gets interesting, to say the least. Few stories I could tell, nothing's quite so fun as having to stop a film so the cops can drag off the guy who won't get out of his chair or let go of the bottle of vodka.

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