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Since I'm ugly as shit, I don't have many. It is worse when there is a quid pro quo favor in the mix. One time a drug seeker when I was working at the hospital a drug seeker propositioned me for aid in getting drugs. That one made the top ten creepiest list. Specially with what long term oxycodne abuse does to your teeth.


"Sorry luv, I'm gay" always did the trick with me. Occasionally followed up with "My sexual orientation is not to be taken as a challenge."


After my last creeper, I had one of my manly man (not really, from the back he looks like a tall and thin girl) coworkers walk me to my car. I then proceeded to buy pepper spray to carry.


As a guy, I've dealt with this in my own priceless way.

"I build air cannons in the backyard and I've set the drapes on fire twice. I fill drawers with random interesting shaped bits of metal and stay up late working on projects with power tools. Still interested?"


As a guy, pretending to be gay works. I worry more about the cougars and turkey vultures than anything else.

"Sorry sweetness, we both bat for the same team! And keep your eyes of Paulo, he's MINE!"

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