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One with me not at work, and one with a friend at work. A friend and I went into a McD's with a big limo outside, and this tiny little woman standing next to a tiny little guy in a tuxedo turns around and nearly plows into me. She jumped (I'm 6'3, and over a foot taller, so I tend to inadvertently loom) and said 'Sorry!' I smiled and moved out of her way (crowded restaurant) and said it was ok. She and the penguin go outside, the door of the limo opens and is filled with tiny people (seriously, it looked like she chose people to hang out with by size...) and it drives off. The people behind the counter were buzzing, and I asked what was going on. "That was Paula Abdul!" "...who?" (At the time I hadn't heard of her.)

FOAF tale: Worked for the big red Z phone company (Can you hear them now?) and a friend there told me about a friend of his who talked to a woman who was such a roaring bitch that he told her so, threw down his headset and quit on the spot. Friend picks up the headset and apologizes, and Penis van Lesbian himself asks him to apologize to the guy who quit on behalf of his wife.

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