Retail Hell Underground: Commission Store Hell: Being Forced To Stalk Custys Is Creepy And Drives Them Away

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there's a RIGHT and WRONG way to do commissioned sales...

if those sales people at the furniture store knew what they were doing, they'd be able to keep an eye on where you're at, and they'd simply let their coworkers know that they were already being helped. stalking happens in environments where sales people are not experienced, or their coworkers are known for poaching customers without warning.

back in my days at the buckle, making a mere $4.50/hr + 3% btw, we would sort of tag-team customers on slow nights. that way, we could each easily keep an eye on them without stalking throughout the store, and just split-up and transfer the $$ amounts after they were rung-out. usually, this method resulted in larger per-sale numbers which looked good for the whole store and everyone got their piece of the pie. we'd trade-off on who 'got' the sale, to make things as fair as possible.

however, this could become a problem when asshole coworkers would take it upon themselves to just put their OWN associate number in on the till, if we were slammed and handling multiple guests at a time. someone would get stuck ringing up a single cheap belt, and then other associates' guests would end up at the register with 3-4 pairs of $100 jeans...only to have that belt-selling associate put it under their name. those special people were the same kind of jackasses that would add their names to random job applications that were handed in, trying to leech the referral bonus. met some of the worst most-awful people while working there, but i also met my close friend of over 10 years there.

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