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So far as I'm aware, most schools don't allow teachers to do anything to personal devices other than confiscate them. You know, to prevent lawsuits.


That's what I was thinking, Blackout. That's a liability issue.


My math skills are rusty but i'm coming up with 2115. anyone wanna verify?

Ps how does one change their name on here? I changed my name awhile ago to winosaurusrex but it's still popping up as obvious...


I'm looking at 1127, based on my old OOO skills.


I have the same answer as InSecurity. Parentheses are taken care of first, followed by exponents, then multiplication, division, addition and subtraction (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally).


1127 here, too.


Due to the above, I just spent 2500$ to fail at fourth grade algebra, so I am officially a college dropout now. :P


1127 too, and we didn't get a fancy mnemonic we just got the acronym BEDMAS

Rachel Glenn

I would've just looked at this and go, fuck, I'm royally screwed.

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