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Preston Johnson

I try not to be a dirty old man. I really do.

But if a female employee is, um, well-endowed, I wouldn't be human if I didn't steal a quick look at her chest.

You'll notice I said a QUICK look. There's a difference between sneaking a 2-second glance [and yes, it's possible to get caught doing that: I apologized] and blatantly staring for 30 seconds, a minute, or even longer. The former is human, the latter is outrageous and should call for the customer being banned from the store and put on a "Perverts List".

If you're that obsessed with looking at breasts, there are plenty of internet sites that cater to that. Or visit a gentlemen's club to see them in person.

As for how to stop it... Mace? Or "My eyes are up here."

Stephanie Stevens

Maybe just put your hands in the way? Lets them know you see what they're doing & don't appreciate it but you don't have to actually say anything about it.


if you're wearing a cardigan/hoodie, make an obvious motion to wrap it across your chest. usually, that's enough to 'break the gaze'.

if no cardigan is available, then fold one forearm up across your line of cleave, elbow resting on the desk/table, and pretend you're adjusting your necklace. or hell, just fold it up if they're being particularly 'focused' on it.


Take a leaf out of Cox' from Scrubs book. Shrill whistle and then "Hey, buddy, up here, my eyes are up here."

They don't need to have you be polite when they aren't being polite to you. There's a huge difference between an automatic glance and a stare and the stare loses them any politeness.


Take a manila folder and write on it
My Eyes are up here
With an arrow, keep in your drawer to use as needed

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