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It sounds like your manager is trying to make a reason to fire everyone. Hugs to you and hope you can get out of the toxic environment.


It's a shame that everyone there can't just walk off the job and tell the jerks there to have fun doing everything all by themselves.

Sales Agent Guy

That manager makes me think of curse words I'd never say anywhere else.

Son of Thrognar

I'm pretty sure if I were in your shoes, I would have either quit and then punched someone in the face, or punched someone in the face and gotten fired. Either way, someone needs to get punched.

Kai Lowell

I'm not normally violent, but I agree, some people need a good dose of fist to the face.

I'm so sorry you and your coworkers have to deal with this shit, Terah. Especially Chatty Cat - neuropathy HURTS!


Damn, makes me want to get matches and a red stapler...


Dear God! It sounds like you need to anonymously complain to the owner/DM/corporate. If you have an HR person, they will probably have a number you can call.


@Lita: Yep, it does. My wife has diabetic neuropathy in her feet, and there have been nights where she's maxed out her (prescription) meds and it *still* hurts so bad she can't sleep properly.

And let me guess, the manager won't let Cat sit down, either, will he? That's outright inhuman.


Grr. "Inhumane."

Kai Lowell

@BPFH: I'm lucky to only have a mild case of idiopathic neuropathy myself, and even that drives me nuts. My biggest sympathies to your wife!

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