Retail Hell Underground: 6 Reasons to Hate Working U-Scan

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I apologize to all who work the self-checks. I make the things crash just by lookin' at 'em funny, and so I try to go through real registers.

Problem is, I'm not standing in a 4-cart-deep line for three things, each of which has a barcode on it. If there were real "express" registers still open, and not the dumb little self-check lanes, I'd use those.

Instead, I either have to wait an hour for two things in cans and one bottle of milk because 4 people in front of me just bought a month's worth of groceries and there's only 3 lanes open, each that has 4 carts in them, or I have to bite the bullet and hope I don't break the self checks again.

I do the same to most tablets, too, though. Only thing I've had any luck with is tablets made by Samsung.


Hardly their fault you're a walking tech-bane. :)

I love the self checks, and use them for my normal shopping. And I've gone in and out faster than someone with one hand-basket full of stuff. I've had several of the attending cashiers tell me that I ought to give classes in how to use them. I told them that all I do is read the screen...

I do manage to break them occasionally, and it seems to be a common problem with self checkouts, they just go 'derp' once in a while.

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