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1, 2, and 3- those custy's clearly watch too many movies- hotels are places to sleep, not magical wonder lands.

4- that is just stupid. i love to go to yelp and read all the funny bad reviews for my bullseye location. someone gave it a 1 star because she bought a drink with caffeine- but no one warned her! and now she has a headache!

5. this is where i need to bow my head in shame. when ever i go in vacation i pack trash bags because i don't like the maids going in to my room.
I clean by myself and leave a trash bag outside the door. If i ordered food, i will have alot of trash to leave.
I apologize if this is not correct.

6- funny.

7, 8- again- people who watch too many movies.

Lita Chen

@janitorgirl: I'd think if you're using a trash bag, that's alright - at least everything's gathered together in one place and safely contained, not just scattered all over the hallway. I could be very wrong though, so if anyone in the know wants to chime in...?

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