Retail Hell Underground: Best Western Responds To Family Who Were Refused Hotel Room Because of Service Dog

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On one hand, I do understand on the allergy part. I'm very allergic to cats, and I'll start wheezing and itching really badly if I'm anywhere near a cat or where a cat has been recently. I also understand how "cat" can be replaced by "dog" in the allergy department.

On the other, I also understand that service animals play a vital role in how quality of life for folks that need them. A business treads the difficult line of "lose everybody with an allergy, or lose somebody with a service animal plus potential lawsuit."

It's an uncomfortable line. I admit, if I find a business is in the habit of letting cats in to socialize with the public, I would not patronize the business. But I also know there are businesses (Texas Roadhouse for ex) that has barrels of peanuts for people to snack on (and they encourage people to just drop the shells on the floor) and have to simply accept the loss of business for anybody with peanut allergies.

Ugh, went on a tangent. So yeah, just accept that you'll lose business from people with allergies, and avoid the lawsuits that will crop up if you mess with people with service animals.


I'll wait a week before weighing in on this one. The hoaxes have sort of curbed my belief in these stories being true.

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