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Regarding the rant at the beginning of this post...if you read the article it states clearly that they have given him warnings and write-ups.


Makes it no less assholish... half a cent of tartar sauce and a five cent corn muffin is worth firing him for? What, was the homeless guy black or gay or something? (Note; this is a mention of their discrimination in the past, not my opinion.)

Kathleen McNamara

IIRC, the corn muffins at Cracker Barrel are free. It's like bread at some other restaurants.


'Five cent' meaning in this case (a guess at) how much the muffin cost them to make.


I agree no less assholish. This rant "Why is it they can't write people up and give them warnings before firing them." looses effectiveness when he has been given warnings and write ups. Not saying that it isn't ridiculous just saying that part of the rant is a moot point.


Twoo, that was Freddy's goof there.

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