Retail Hell Underground: Discount Rats: The Coupon Clan

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You have my sincerest sympathies.

I can understand (to an extent)* if it's a cultural habit that drives them to do this, really, your management has NO excuse to fall back on.

*By an 'extent', I mean "I get that in YOUR culture it's okay to do this, and that's fine. BUT THIS ISN'T YOUR CULTURE. SO STOP."

If they're just being cheapskate asshats to be cheapskate asshats, then play the shame game. Get a person you know to come into the store the same time the Coupon Clan is around and discretely record their horrible actions.

Hello youtube.


**BUT really.

Left out a word.


Also used a wrong one. :P 'Discrete' = separate, like 'these two bolts of cloth are discrete pieces, not bundled' vs 'discreet' = not blatant.


I get that all the time at the grocery store I work at Indians coming in buying many items using many coupons then using a gift card management has now put a restriction of one order only for sale items no more breaking it down to many orders I feel like banging my head on the register I never want to deal with them if it's a culture thing they should do it in their country not here it's a pain in the ass they are so frigging cheap and they have credit cards where is the money coming from? I hate cheapskate people

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