Retail Hell Underground: Entitled Custy Wants Retail Slaves To Memorize Book Titles

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That woman is full of it. I used to be a teller and there is no possible way to remember all your customers' accounts. I wonder if that woman could have thought of anything dumber to say.


at the 'bullseye' the custy would go to the nearest coworker and say "well clearly the first person i talked to is full of shit- do YOU know if you have the book? "

Bored at the Bookstore

When our going out of business bag sale (fill a bag with books - $5 the first week, then $3) was at its height and literally thousands of books were flying out the door daily, I STILL had clueless people coming in, saying, "Where can I find a copy of "Grapes of Wrath"?" Or "Poetry by Wordsworth?" Or, best of all, Game of Thrones series. New ones, please.

I just smiled and said, "Darned if I know anymore. If I do, it will be in *that* section, about three shelves down, unless someone moved it." And they always, always looked shocked that I didn't know my stock!

Toward the end, as we compressed the sections and shifted books to empty the bookcases, I couldn't even keep up with where which genres went without a walk-around.


Janitorgirl: "I dunno, let me ask the person in the book department." (finds the same person)

My boss in AOhelL used to do that when I had someone bitchy who refused to talk to me and wanted a manager. He'd let them piss and moan till they ran down, then tell them "I actually don't know anything about the program, I just make sure people show up on time and get their paychecks. Let me transfer you to our senior tech." (back to me)


I have to admit it, I had most of the genres, a decent hunk of fiction, most of teen, a good chunk of middle grade and whatever non-fiction I happened to be interested in memorized back in the day. Of course, I'm also eidetic, which helps. :-P Mostly it was just a party trick, but during the three weeks of flaming hell that was a ginormous server malfunction, it actually came in pretty handy. With that having been said, I didn't know jack about sports, business, or religion, and when customers were being particularly annoying I'd tell them I needed to look something up even when I knew perfectly well we had 6 of them and they were all sitting in the new fiction bay because I'd just put them there. ;-)

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