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Imitation Bacon

A friend ran into a hellmart to buy cigarettes and came out about 10min later in disgust. Apparently, that late at night ONLY the tobacco lane register was open. a couple of ladies with 2-carts full of groceries were in the middle of checking-out, and each had A BINDER of coupons to use, double-checking each item. Friend asked a manager if he could get his cigarettes at that counter, then be checked-out at another register. They said that was the only one tobacco products could be processed at. He asked them how it made sense to pretty much shut down the only register you could by tobacco at, and how it was justifiable to have a line 20-deep because of these two women; couldn't they open another register. Apparently, there were MULTIPLE employees and managers standing around, and another person in line confessed the women had been checking-out for a half hour already! The managers said it was policy to have only one register at that time of night and said if he didn't like it, leave.


The tabacco line at the wallyworld I go to is either 10 or 15 but when I'm in that line rarely do you see people with more than a few items thankfully.

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