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most notable "do you work here" moments-


did she think i would try to say no?

"2nd floor, giant wall of tvs- can't miss it." i was not going to offer any further help then that.

2nd moment was nicer; a couple was looking through shoes while i passed by with my giant trash can.

woman- to man"ask her to find one in the back!"
man- "she probably can't do that."
woman- "but she works here!"
man-"but clearly not in the shoe department!"

(i would have given him a high five if my hands were not gross from doing a trash run.)

Jamie Carter

I was a Michaels last week and seriously 6 people asked me where stuff was in the 10 minutes I was there. The last lady was extremely bitchy when I laughed and told her I was just shopping too. I think it was because I had headphones in and the staff has radios with an earbud but even then I wasn't dressed like the people who worked there; I was in jeans, a batman tshirt and flipflops and my headphone cables were the wrong color.


I work at a Doctor's office. The other day I went to Kohl's after work. I still had my scrubs on obviously and this well dressed middle aged woman wanders out of an aisle and sees me. *Confused look* "Do you work here?" I looked down at my attire and looked at her and just said "No" and walked on. Fucking really? People are just so oblivious.


I've told this one before... in a Walfart, wearing a black and orange striped shirt with a huge snarling tiger face on the front and another tiger on the back, wearing black jeans and black boots. Nothing on me was blue at all. A little old lady came up and asked where to find the moss covered three handled gredunzas, or whatever. I looked at her for a moment and... helped her find whatever it was she was looking for, and got it down for her, being two feet taller... :P Despite being 6'3 with a huge beard and wearing a shirt that has literally scared adults, I apparently give off 'helpful' vibes.

Must be an occupational hazard of doing tech support...

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