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Kathleen McNamara

Most eye glass places like that have "independent doctors of optometry" in there. I've never seen a place that doesn't. I think it's a legal thing, so you could get your eyes checked there, but take your prescription someplace else. So, the eye doctor probably isn't actually employed by them, and just rents the space in the store to have their practice.


My mate had her eyes checked but wasn't allowed to take the prescription, as it legally belonged to the optometrist for a month or something like that. She bought one pair of glasses from them (she REALLY needed new ones...), and waited the time out, then got cheaper ones elsewhere with it.


@TechTyger: I don't know where you are located; in the U.S., that's flat illegal. You have the right to a copy of your prescription on the spot, and any failure to provide it should be **immediately** reported to your state's board of optometry and to the Federal Trade Commission.


She was in California at the time.


California Board of Optometry Fact Sheet on Release of Prescriptions http://www.optometry.ca.gov/lawsregs/eyeglass-pript.pdf : "Prescribers Must:
• Provide patients with a copy of their prescription upon completion of the eye exam or the contact lens fitting process (if a fitting is necessary)
• Verify prescriptions to any third-party seller designated by the patient within eight business hours"

If this happened anytime within the past couple of years, please ask your friend if she will file a complaint with the California authorities. (If it was before that, it's probably beyond the statute of limitations on Board actions, but if it's recent enough, the optometrist can be fined, placed on probation, or if enough people complain, lose their license for pulling crap like that, and California will do it.)


Elaine uses Reference! It's super effective! :D I THINK it was too long ago now, but I can pass it on and let her know. They charged her not just a pretty penny, but a fairly handsome dollar.

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