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No, I don't know why you were turned down, and I don't care. No it won't work If you have your sister try. Your last name and address won't work for 24 hours now. They have been tripped in the system.

No I will not give you account info over the phone. No, not even if you've done it "multiple" times before. It is a violation of the carriers policy, violating it is an automatic firing offense. Yes it is. Goodbye now.

And for the Love of Throngar please people, back up your friggin pictures regularly. There is no reason to store 5000 pictures on the tiny, easily breakable and stealable pocket device.


Last couple of times when they said 'the other guy did it', I knew that it was only me and the (female) manager at the store, since everyone else had left... I asked who it was and told them that yeah, he was fired for doing that. "But the manager (male) told him it was ok! He said he did it all the time!" "That manager was arrested for embezzling. Want to keep trying?"

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