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Ray Martin

I used to work in a computer store and we'd just leave them on "terminal hold". every 5-10 min we'd pick up and see if they were still there. very politely tell em "oh he'll be right with you". eventually they get the hint.


I've done that. :D One of them gave me a 15 minute break when I worked for can-you-hear-me-now...Asked for the manager, at 4 in the morning. "Hang on, I'll see if he's here." Wandered off to the litterbox, got a soda and some chips, came back later and noticed he was still on hold. Picked up and said hello, "Manager's name?" "Hang on, I'll see if he's here..."

If they had legitimate business, they'd have called during normal business hours, and they weren't on the not-tech-support line...

Sales Agent Guy

69,105? Been playing Infocom games?


Zork the original, baby! Woo! Old school! Heehee...

Apparently it originally came from an MIT meme and was included in Zork, but Zork's where I found it, from counting the leaves.

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