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Late Night Geek

I've had the "I don't feel like coming in" every weekend since October. Bonus points for Violet for screaming at me for not coming in after sending the entire shift home for being "sick" on a day I specifically asked for off and wouldn't be able to make it in if I didn't. (Lime spent the previous week and a half demanding that someone cover her shift so she can go party. )

It is more important for Lime to go drinking than anyone else to recuperate from illness or have family time.

Late Night Geek

^ Its gotten to the point where I am the only one that hasn't done this. Yes, the rest of the shift should be fired. They have a mindset of "Late Night Geek will cover." I have reached Super Cuntdom because I will NOT suddenly drop everything and go with out sleep because they just don't want to come in or want to head to a party they heard about twenty minutes ago.

Sorry, I am running on little sleep and don't plan on getting any time soon. Twenty bucks I get the call an hour after I fall asleep.

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