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Now, the Com-crap will tell us that of course it never trained its employees to be so aggressive and persistent. What they don't say is that the most likely incentivise for them to be aggressive, either with a bonus system based around how many products they sell/retain to a demerit system based on selling/retaining X number of products.
And I'll bet there is a nice little section of the manual that tells people not to do it, but that the job is structured in such a way that they have to to be able to keep their job/ make ends meet.
They're as two-faced as a coin flipping Batman villain.


Personally, I'm surprised that the custy was as patient as he was... Even as an RHUer, I think I would have lost my cool...

Rachel Glenn

Let me put this very simply: I don't want your fucking service anymore. You will cancel it, you will leave me alone, and if you keep this shit up, I will make your life hell.

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