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When I was in AOhelL everyone felt compelled to tell me how long they'd been on hold. This was stupid for three reasons.

1) You're lying. I can see on my screen precisely how long since you called in, and it wasn't an hour. It was 15 minutes (at most).

II) And now that you've spent ten minutes whining about having been on hold for an hour, the next person HAS been on hold for another ten minutes.

Third) I don't give an unwiped rodent's ass. I take the calls as they come in, and the next person in line had to wait too, as did the one before you. I work them as quickly as I can and by whining at me for ten minutes you've now fucked up my call time, so I'm even LESS inclined to go out of my way to give you free time than I was before.

And when the problem was that you hadn't paid your phone bill so the phone company cut off your phone which took your DSL with it, I am going to tell you that AOL had nothing to do with you not paying your bills and we will not provide you any free time because you're fucking stupid.

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