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Stamp Out Vertical Video.

If they decide those are actual post office mail packages, he's going to get the Secret Service all jumping on his forehead. Futzing around with the mail is a federal offense. That's why mailboxes often have the little secondary boxes for stuff like newspapers; nobody's allowed to open a mailbox but the owner and the post office.


this is why they need to stop timing postal workers.

my dad has been a usps post man for over 25 years- and at age 60 he looks like an olympic runner. why?

because you are timed on your deliveries EVERY DAY. at at his branch they have started tracking people with GPS devices, to make sure they are not taking more then a 30 minutes lunch (for a 12 hour work day!)

this does not help letters/packages move faster- it just makes usps workers either get in very good shape- or try to cheat the system by getting rid of excess mail.


I'd hate to be one of the people waiting on packages. The USPS needs to spend less money on GPS and stopwatches and more on a larger workforce so this doesn't happen. If there are that many packages needing to go out then you need more people to deliver them.

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