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i hate the "You really need to ----" custys.

1. talking too softly.
"would you like a bag?"
"would you like a bag?!"
*starts to bag, finishes transaction*


2. water; all milk, frozen food, etc is covered in ice, so it leaves water on the register belt.

an older asian man had 2 chairs and a loaf of bread (the kind in plastic- so it would not get wet even if he did put it on the belt). he was the 20th customer in a about 5 minutes.
"You really need to clean up this water!"
"no time" was all i said. because there were still about 40 people in line (only 2 registers open on the entire store.)

I took his $20, put the change and his receipt on the table. he took it then waited a good 30 seconds, as if he expected me to clean the water just for him. when he realized i was moving on, he muttered to himself and walked away.

Annie Smith

So we don't actually have deaf people, just weak willed people who don't want it enough?


"just fix your hearing"? What an asshat. Ableist and homophobic all in one sentence.

Rachel Glenn

Here's how a manager deals with this kind of situation:
"I'm sorry you didn't speak loud enough for our employee to hear you. Anyone knows whispering, muttering, and mumbling when there is construction around isn't a smart move. Now, apologize to my worker, take your coffee and leave."

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