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Last name (Season before summer) Rainbolt. Once had a kid come into the studio named Sprinkle. Yeah.


Woops. Forgot to delete "Last name."


I had a guy come in once whose name was Ashley. Not that odd but he was 17 and pulled out his driver's license to prove that it was him and not his mother. Also, had a guy come in with a very Irish name (Kelly O'(something)). He grinned and pulled out his license too.


Trebor (Robert backwards), Pinky, Lipschittz


Had a caller named Dick Butt once... Sometimes I'm 12... He told me his name and said 'Go ahead and take a moment if you need to'. Good sense of humor about it, obviously; he could have called himself Richard, or Rick, or Rich...

Dewi Neijs

We had a customer once called Loser.. i felt so incredibly bad for the guy..


I once had a customer who's name was Link and he had a newborn daughter with him named Zelda.


"I had a guy come in once whose name was Ashley." So? It's unisex name, and sounds more like a guy's name than a girl's to me.


My favourite pair of teachers growing up was a married couple, last name Studley. Spelled a little different, but definitely real. Met a guy called Warren Peascoe once - said the Tolstoy jokes got old pretty quickly. :-P

Michelle Lee

I work in a retail shipping store where I always have to ask the customer for their last name. I have a customer whose last name is "goodenough" makes me think that is the weirdest last name I've come across

Mel the Library Slave

Not a customer, but there was a girl in junior high with me named Fawn Woody.


I work for a trucking dispatch company right now, regularly have to talk to a warehouse manager named Mike Hunt.

I honestly thought that was just the punchline for a bad joke.

Kiliana Nightwolf

@TechTyger It's funny, because Dick Butt is actually a thing. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/dick-butt


Weirdest one was a Richard Glasscock.


Kiliana; I know. :P Wasn't back then, though.

Daisy Faye

Mr. Slaughter was pretty good-natured, despite his last name suggesting otherwise.
I bought my first car from Mr. Hymen...

But the gold probably goes to Mr. Richard Condom.
... ... ...

I wonder if he lets his friends call him "Dick". :]

Trucker Bitch

I knew a girl named Sarah Lee (like the cake mix)

My dad knows someone call Feather. (seriously! Parents were major hippies)


I had a professor in college named Woodcock.

And when I worked for a big box store in high school, I had a regular who shared the name of a famous 16th century English Queen who couldn't keep her head about her...I won't post it here as Howmanyofme.com says she's the only one with that name in the US, and I wouldn't want to give too much away about myself/where I worked and lived, but I'm sure you can guess!

Annie Smith

Pineapple. Made a complete ass out of myself over it too. He called in to place and order and told me his name was Pineapple and I gave some stupid speech on fake names while he insisted it was real. Turns out he was Hawaiian and had a really long traditional name that was legally shortened to Pineapple. On his ID and everything. I apologized of course.

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