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I feel it could be legit, personally, I'm quite a vengeful person and migraines will bring out the worst in me as the ones I get are agony but I can just about function with them. If the parental unit was not making any effort to control said brat then, hell yes, I'll get back at them. The only thing is, I would feel bad for the poor service people that had to face the morons.


I agree that it's likely legit. The guy made a point of saying how the mom was more concerned with her phone than her kid and that she was back on her phone again when he made his order, plus her kid was still screaming then too.

Plus, like Molly_Mog said, migraines can bring out the worst in a person and it was the direct fault of that mom and kid that the guy's headache became a migraine. So him buying all the pies is a believable vengeance.


And hilarious. If I'd been nearby I'd have chipped in on the pies for him. I hate shrieking crotch droppings...

Rachel Glenn

I did that once.

A girl cut in front of me, only to be told to go to the end of the line (behind me) by the cashier. She started calling me names and warned me not to even think about touching her chocolate donuts.

Guess what I ordered when I got to the desk? And lucky me, it was the last one.

I just felt bad for the employees who had to listen to the banshee screaming that I stole her donut.

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