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"led me to the vending machine about 10 feet from my stand. She pointed to the price, and it read $99.99."

how?.......i have used vending machines that take credit cards. you swipe the card, push the button and it says "1.00" or whatever amount.

what did she do?!


It's possible it'd been misprogrammed, someone typed '100' when they meant '1.00' for the price or something... It's also possible that she hammered on the button ten times from not being patient enough... but it's not the park worker's fault. Those machines are usually stocked and maintained by the company that owns them, who rents space and splits the profits with the location.


Yeah I believe TechTyger is right about the company stocking and setting them up. If she wants to get her money back she will have to get a hold of Pepsi themselves.

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