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I could seriously type a novel's worth of ranting over this. This entitlement of some people is getting extremely ridiculous. Do these people really believe that just because you're an employee that means they can make you do anything and take anything from you? Seriously?! What's next? Hearing about a customer filing a complaint because they find out an employee owns a home, the customer wants it, and gets mad because the employee won't sign over the deed to them?


Augh! Your words to Retail Demon's ears, you silly! Hush! Don't give them any ideas!


.....Actually, I did hear a story just like that. I've got no verification for it, since it's one of those FOAF^3 stories, but it's still horrible to hear.

Rachel Glenn

This kid is going to say "I want it" again and just take something from a store, or such, and trust me, mommy won't be able to bail her brat out.

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