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See, I'm the kind of person that if I was shopping at a place and an employee was doing what that old coworker of yours did I would tell her she's bothering me and to shut up and leave me the heck alone. I try to be patient with retail slaves since I am one myself, but I've got a breaking point. If you're an obnoxious employee who won't take a hint, I'm going to tell you off. Then I'll probably find a manager to let them know about the annoying employee.


If anyone couldn't tell from my first comment, I'm honestly not a people person. I can fake it for a job, but if I'm on my personal time, then you better just leave me alone.

I hate it when I'm shopping and another customer (just a random stranger) will try starting a conversation with me.

Plain and simple, if I don't know you, then I don't give a rat's behind about your problems and life.


Telling her off just made her bitch about you to us, unfortunately, and the D-GAS scrub store where we worked didn't have a manager for 8 months straight, until Racist Bitch came in, so nobody would/could do anything about your complaints. :\


Jeez, your old job sucked!


Arella... Loooovvvve you. I really enjoy being out and about when I'm a civilian because you can just let the hate flow when someone pisses you off.

Rachel Glenn

My response: "Do you want to hear about my infected toe? Let me tell you, the colors it has been over the last few days..."

I just get gross, most people will leave me alone then.

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