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One: trigger control. Put one of those down you look like an idiot extra in a Rambo movie.

Two: Drop that Russo-Sino piece of crap and go American.


With luck, the two of them will scare off enough people to prevent having to pull the trigger at all.


I'm sorry, but are we supposed to be happy about this photo?

I get that there's been problems with looting in Ferguson. Actions by both police and looters have been problematic. However, we should be focusing on the institutional problems that has lead to this situation, not further fetishizing guns.

I'm sick of seeing pictures of people in our country toting around assault rifles trying to look tough!


I don't do news, so I don't have any idea what's going there. And frankly, I don't care. (There's a reason I don't do news.) But I have no problem with people defending their place of business. This isn't 'fetishizing' anything. This is someone trying to protect their livelihood... which is the best use of a gun. And if he can scare people into fucking off without actually having to shoot them, isn't that better than building a rampart out of corpses?

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