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I registered for Typepad just to comment on this...

The manager did his job and did well. When the threat to himself, his employees, his store, and his customers presented itself he contacted law enforcement. He did not engage the threat as this may have escalated the situation. Following removal of threat his job is done. He is not responsible for the willful behavior of another person and as such he is under NO obligation to apologize for the behavior. IF he had let it continue WITHOUT involving the authorities, he'd have his OWN behavior (cowardice) to apologize for. He wasn't even merely protecting his job, he was taking a stand (that shouldn't be needed) to say that a store has no control over their patrons therefore they bear no fault for them. So sayeth I, Kitai, as a gay man. I'd eat here now, knowing the manager is a good person. :)


Correction- if they weren't a buffet and weren't responsible for the questionable Country Buffet restaurants all over my area, I'd eat there.


The victim is being stupid. The manager called the police. That is the best thing he could do in a situation like this. How about blaming the guy who was being an ass? What did the victim expect the employees to do? Risk their safety to shut the guy up? I lost any sympathy for the victim as soon as he started blaming people not at fault.

Just wait. This guy will file a lawsuit within a week against the business for something like a million bucks for pain and suffering (they have the deep pockets after all).

And mind you, this is coming from a bisexual person. So while I abhor the behavior of that homophobic creep, I also have common sense and don't go around trying to blame innocent people for the actions of others.

Retail Psycho

I think the manager did all he is LEGALLY obligated to do and really that's all anyone can ask of him. If he didn't want to risk his job, safety and anything else on the line to go after an obvious homophobic idiot then so be it, that's his call to make.

That being said if I were the manager there'd have been a problem. I'm 6'6" and 290lb of bisexual and I don't tolerate that crap from anyone. Regardless of the risk to myself or my job I would have told the homophobic bigot to shut the fuck up and get out. If he didn't leave I'd have made him. But that's just me, not everyone can take a stand like that for whatever reasons.

So in short the manager did what he felt he should do and that is all he is legally required to do. Did the homophobe deserve to be punched in the teeth until his ancestors can't speak? Totally. But is the manager or staff required to do that? No, not at all. The person being abused needs to lash out at the abuser, not the bystanders, they are not required to do any more than they did.


I think at that point there was nothing the manager could do. The customer did not become physical, he was just being an ass. I really do hope this gets slapped down in front of a judge.

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