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Kiliana Nightwolf

People just love to complain about anything.


Oh grow up people! It IS a fair issue with the clothing, but realistically the designers and marketing people can't be expected to think that heavily about it. They're probably mostly around my age, which is to say that Auschwitz and the horrors of WWII were 40 years before we were BORN. Its not a recent tragedy so, no, it is NOT at the forefront of their minds.

Zara acknowledged the issue and pulled the item. Get over it.

Bitch Goddess of the Garden

I don't get the stripes. Like, I've never seen a Western where the sheriff wears stripes.....but yeah, I get the controversy but they apologized, why are people still losing their shit?


BG; because on the internet, nothing -ever- dies. A year or so from now, after everyone's finally wrung out their 'won't someone PLEASE think of the children' angst glands, a news company on a slow day will find it and it'll start all over again.

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