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Misty Meanor



"It's nothing, they're just stupid."
I'm not stupid, I just see no reason why I should lose my job OR get fined a huge amount of money, just so you can play a stupid game full of prostitutes and gang violence, you little brat.

I don't know Spanish (German schools don't really teach it - at my various schools, it was either English or Latin and my main high school taught French) but logic can make me recognize words... but not enough to speak it.

See, this is why you should never assume that just because YOU speak a foreign language that nobody else in the vicinity knows it. Especially these days, with so many multi-tongues going around.


My favorite was when the parents would roll their eyes and say "yes I know its violent but he likes it anyway." So many times I wanted to say "You are the parent! You have the right to say NO!" Or they would say "Oh he never does any of those missions" yeah right, and I'm the Queen of England!


"yes I know its violent but he likes it anyway."
I swear, that's the type of parent who sees nothing wrong with giving their prebupescent kid an 18+ game full of violence and gore, but will blame those Evul, EVUL Videogames for being at fault that Junior gets caught being violent. (Personally, I don't blame videogames for that - anyone who actually uses a videogame to influence their real life in a way that they would do things that way, they had something wrong with their brain to begin with.)


If video games influenced real life, I'd have learned to drive by playing Pole Position (Yes, I grew up in the 80's)

Misty Meanor

Flutilicious: You and me both!


Fluti, if video games influenced real life, I would be a Street Fighter champion. Also, buy an island and invite cute girls to relax there in bathing suits and play beach volleyball. And, of course, the many, many times I have destroyed the world's religion by killing their various deities. (Though games do help in learning a different language)

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