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Beginning to think some people need a note from their mommy to be allowed to handle dangerous things like coffee, or cotton balls...


An issue with Americans, that I see a lot: nobody takes bloody personal responsibility anymore.

"telling me it's my fault for not giving her napkins."
I've never been given napkins with a drink. At McD, I had a phase of grabbing a napkin after ordering and wrap it around my drink - condensation making the drink a bit slippery in my hand; the napkin helped with that.


Lightning I blame the 90's for that. Everyone gets a trophy, no one is held accountable for anything, and if someone disagrees with you then they are wrong and must be shouted down.

Watch the news for ten minutes if you think I'm wrong.


I don't necessarily think it started in the 90s... I've noticed plenty of older people who fail to accept responsibility. For those kind of people, it's so much easier to blame someone younger.

TaTa Ria

Scoreless soccer. I've never heard "That's not fair!" more times at an event where everyone gets a trophy anyway.

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